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Legal Disclaimer:

This website and its content, including teachings, instructions, ceremonies, and products, are based on private knowledge within esoteric Kabbalah traditions. These offerings reflect our beliefs and traditions.

Non-Scientific Character:

It is important to note that the knowledge presented on this website has not undergone scientific scrutiny. Users are advised to refrain from interpreting the information as a scientific knowledge, as it is rooted in our privately held beliefs and traditions.

Exclusive Insights:

All information, teachings, and guidance on this website are considered exclusive insights within the esoteric Kabbalah community. Approach this information with an understanding of its private and specialized nature.

Non-Liability Declaration:

This website and its agents are not responsible for any consequences, results, or outcomes resulting from using the advice, instructions, or products offered.

Individual Responsibility:

You are solely responsible for your decisions and actions based on the information provided. Use personal judgment when engaging with teachings, ceremonies, and products on this website.

Legal Jurisdiction:

This disclaimer applies to the website and all affiliated agents, associates, or representatives. 

Updates to Disclaimer:

This disclaimer may be updated without notice. Regularly check for any changes.

By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this legal disclaimer.

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