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Love Binding Explained.

A permanent spiritual action for marriage and commitment.

Love binding is a sacred and highly powerful spiritual process rooted in practical Kabbalah. Designed to attract and connect two people through specific energetic channels, it establishes a bound and healthy permanent relationship. It is considered the most powerful spiritual action for purposes such as reuniting relationships, evolving them towards marriage, or improving existing marriages. The binding process focuses on enhancing emotions, fostering a deep sense of attachment, and cultivating a strong commitment mindset towards marriage and responsible relationships.

This process involves one partner performing the process on the other. When done correctly, it creates ideal conditions for long-term relationships and marriage. Kabbalah binding is a permanent action that lasts for 77 years, functioning in 11 cycles of seven years each.

Among various forms of Kabbalistic binding, we exclusively offer a unique set of remedies called "Yesod - Adom." These remedies are exceptional solutions in the practical Kabbalah arsenal. "Yesod - Adom" not only establishes a deep connection but also enhances passion, fostering strong attachment and motivation for future relationships.

We hold exclusive rights in Israel and worldwide to create and produce these remedies, making us the sole practitioners with access to these specific remedies

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