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What is Yesod Adom Relationship Binding?

Yesod Adom is a powerful love binding remedy rooted in Kabbalistic tradition. It is designed to create a deep, enduring connection between two individuals by harmonizing their spiritual energies. This remedy is particularly effective for those seeking to renew relationships with an ex-partner or improve existing relationships or marriages toward better love and commitment.

How Does Yesod Adom Work?

Yesod Adom works by aligning the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's life to foster a holistic and permanent connection. It uses specific Kabbalistic remedies and rituals to achieve this deep alignment. The process is typically performed by one partner, often without the explicit knowledge of the other.

Why is Yesod Adom So Effective?

Yesod Adom is effective because it operates on multiple levels, ensuring a comprehensive and lasting bond. The remedy addresses not just surface desires but also deep spiritual connections, making it a superior choice compared to traditional love spells.

What Makes Yesod Adom Different from Traditional Love Spells?

  1. Holistic Approach: Yesod Adom remedies address all aspects of the relationship, including emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

  2. Permanent Effect: Yesod Adom creates a lasting bond that endures for up to 77 years, achieved through deep alignment of energies.

  3. Customized Remedies: Each remedy set is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individuals involved.


How is Yesod Adom Applied?

The application of Yesod Adom is a detailed and meticulous process:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process begins with a consultation to understand the specific needs and circumstances of the individuals involved.

  2. Personalized Remedy Creation: Based on the consultation, a personalized set of remedies is created to fit the unique dynamics of the relationship.

  3. Ritual Performance: The remedies are applied through carefully performed rituals designed to align the spiritual energies of the individuals.

  4. Follow-Up and Support: Ongoing support and guidance are provided to ensure the remedies continue to work effectively.


Why Choose Yesod Adom Over Other Remedies?

  1. Depth and Permanence: Yesod Adom offers a deeper and more permanent solution compared to traditional spells.

  2. Ethical and Respectful: Remedies are designed with ethical considerations in mind, respecting the free will and spiritual integrity of the individuals involved.

  3. Expertise and Authenticity: Our team of Kabbalah practitioners in Israel ensures genuine and effective remedies.


What are the Benefits of Yesod Adom?

Yesod Adom creates a profound and lasting connection between partners, supporting their journey towards a higher state of existence. It fosters a deep spiritual bond that transcends physical attraction and companionship.

How Long Does the Effect of Yesod Adom Last?


When done correctly, Yesod Adom can last for up to 77 years, functioning in 11 cycles of seven years each. This long-term impact is achieved through deep alignment and harmonization of the spiritual energies of the individuals involved.

How Can I Start the Yesod Adom Love Binding Process?

  1. Contact Us for a Compatibility Reading: Reach out for a reading to determine if both partners are suitable candidates for the Yesod Adom binding process.

  2. Receive Customized Remedies: If compatibility is confirmed, specific Kabbalistic remedies tailored to your needs will be created and sent to you.

  3. Perform the Ceremony: Follow the detailed instructions provided to perform a simple ceremony for three weeks.

  4. Ongoing Support: Receive ongoing support and monitoring for the first three months to ensure the success of the binding process.


Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

When performed correctly and with the proper intentions, Yesod Adom is safe and effective. However, it is essential to follow the instructions precisely and maintain a respectful attitude towards the spiritual processes involved. 


Can Yesod Adom Be Used for Any Relationship?

Yesod Adom is intended for relationships that have the potential for deep, spiritual connection and long-term commitment. It is suitable for those trying to renew relationships with an ex-partner or improve existing relationships and marriages toward better love and commitment.

How Do I Know if Yesod Adom is Right for My Relationship?

The initial consultation and compatibility reading will help determine if Yesod Adom is appropriate for your relationship. This assessment ensures that both partners are suitable candidates for the binding process and that the remedies will be effective.

Is Yesod Adom Reversible?

Yesod Adom is designed to create a permanent and lasting bond. Once the process is completed, it is not intended to be reversed. It is crucial to be sure of your intentions and commitment before proceeding with the binding process.

Can Yesod Adom Be Performed Remotely?

Yes, the initial consultation, creation of remedies, and follow-up support can all be conducted remotely. The remedies and detailed instructions will be sent to you, and our team will provide guidance throughout the process.

Can I perform Yesod Adom if my partner and I are currently separated?

Yesod Adom is particularly effective for renewing connections with an ex-partner. The remedies work to realign the spiritual energies and foster a reunion, even if the partners are currently separated.

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